Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chiang Mai with friends

It's always fun to meet up with friends while traveling. In a way, it tempers homesickness but also allows you to share traveling experiences with people you enjoy spending time with.

Although we only met Bob and Brian recently, they seem to have a very similar adventure to their traveling as we do. We were glad to show them a few of our favorite spots in Chiang Mai.

Wat Si Supan

Wat Chedi Luang

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Long Trip Back

After two years, we're finally back in our favorite city in Thailand, Chiang Mai.

The trip over was grueling to say the least. Three flights, three layovers, and some 33 hours later we touched down in Chiang Mai.
It was our first trip on the "super-sized" A380 and we must say that we were not impressed. Boarding went smoothly even with some 470 passengers to get on board. Luckily our luggage went straight through to Chiang Mai and we weren't subjected to the "cattle call" of collecting bags from the A380 flight.
The non-stop portion from San Francisco to Hong Kong took an incredible 14-1/2 hours (I never remembered it taking quite so long).
Singapore's flight crews are usually very good as was the case on the flight over, however the food on this particular flight was mediocre.
The A380 is no doubt a huge plane but the cabins are separated into groups small enough to resemble any other long haul plane.
Did get to catch up on some films we wouldn't have paid to see in theaters though.