Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Procession at Myinkaba Village

A "Procession" at Myinkaba Village just south of the walls of Old Bagan to mark the indoctrination of young boys into monks.

We just happened onto this celebration one morning as it snaked its way through the village, parading the young boys all dressed in the finest colorful silks, with faces fully made-up, including rouge on their lips. It was quite a spectacle with just about everyone in the village turning out to march or watch.

It was pretty much a family affair as Brothers and Sisters all marched alongside their young siblings as they made their way over the dusty dirt paths of the village towards the temple.

Only boys from the most well off families rode atop elephants. They were followed by boys on oxcarts and horses.

After the procession, the boy's heads were shaved by the elder monks. Family members collected all the shavings and what they did with them was a mystery to us. They were wrapped neatly in a large white piece of cloth and stacked-up on the inside of the temple.

Red cassocks were finally handed out to the boys towards the end of the ceremony.

I'm sure it was a day they will not soon forget. I know we will remember it vividly for a long time.

Bagan, Myanmar time

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*Visits: February 2007

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