Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Chaing Mai Temples and Dogs

Temple dogs.

The streets of Chiang Mai appear to be overrun with dogs. Spaying or neutering isn't a custom here and "street dogs" can usually get enough to eat. There are some fortunate ones that end up taking refuge on the grounds of the temples. Here they're fed and live generally unbothered.
Oh, what a peaceful life.

Wat Lok Molee

Wat Suan Dok environs. These chedis contain the remains of the royal family of Chaing Mai from the Lanna Dynasty period.

Wat Phra Singh has the most complete version of Lanna style architecture and houses Phra Singh Buddha relics. It is considered to be Chiang Mai's most important and sacred Buddha image.

Wat Suan Dok's super Chedi. Said to contain a relic of the Buddha himself.

Wat Suan Dok is also a temple where you can learn more about Buddhism, through their "monk chat" program. At certain times, and on certain days of the week, you can talk with a Buddhist monk. This program is in part a chance for monks to practice their English skills, so don't expect a fluent conversation. They are all good humored though and actually enjoy is as much as you do.
More temples of Chaing Mai and their guardian dogs.


Jonz Theroux-Gidding said...

That is so sweet they care about their dogs. The dogs are beautiful too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful place. Beautiful dogs. You are most fortunate to have been able to see it. thanks for sharing!