Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shenzhen - eating out again

Shenzhen is a sprawling city in the southern province of Guangdong, China lying just across the border north of Hong Kong.
It is one of the fastest growing cities in China with an estimated population of some 14 million residents. The average age is less than 30, and 20 percent of China's PH'Ds work there.

With it's close proximity to Hong Kong, Shenzhen is fast becoming the Shanghai of the south with it's glitzy skyline and business hub. Some 7,500 Hong Kong residents commute to work in Shenzhen daily.

Alan posing at a temple in "Fairyland Park".

Like many other cities in China, the "theme park" scenario is well in play in Shenzhen. It's a way to accomodate the growing population of Chinese tourists eager for things to see and do.

A Lamasery at the Cultural Center.

The Cultural Center in Shenzhen is a huge attraction for tourists. Here you can see and relive periods throughout Chinese history (many in miniature, or well scaled down).

Alan waving to the masses.

An evening show at the Cultural Center.

And of course there's eating. We spent two days in Shenzhen and it seemed we did more than our share of eating. I guess it's easier when you're traveling with a group because at any given time there's always someone thinking about eating something.

A typical "simple" meal. Lower left is bamboo stuffed with sticky rice.

Shenzhen is a pretty good eating place and the prices are a fraction of what they are in Hong Kong for a similar meal.

Roast Duck & BBQ Pork appetizer.

Stewed Pork.

Sai Fun with vegetables.

Roast Duck with pancakes.

Steamed Free Range Chicken. Yes, served with the head but missing the feet.

Boiled Grass Shrimp.

Steamed Fish.


This is a dish I'd never seen before.
Minced vegetables and pine nuts that you stuff in little cones and eat.
Then of course, Fish Heads.
It's a bit of a joke for some but usually at a Chinese Banquet Style Dinner when a whole fish is served (steamed, fried, or some other way) there are some (usually women) that would drool over the fish head. Well maybe not drool.
Here we had a whole plate full and yes, they were pretty good, and meaty too.
Even Alan, not normally a fish head eating sorta guy, was giving it a go.

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