Monday, February 22, 2010

Tet in Hanoi

TET is being celebrated here in Hanoi. The Lunar New Year brings in the Year of the Tiger (not sure what's going to happen when there are no more Tigers).
We arrived here shortly after the New Year and the celebrations were well under way.

Potted Peach Blossoms adorn practically all the shops and businesses.
We made our way to the temples along with thousands of others.

TET NGUYEN DAN can be interpreted as "Feast of the First Morning" or "Dawning Period" of a Lunar New Year.
The Chinese Zodiac puts 2010 as the Year of the Tiger.
Tigers are well liked and have charming personalities. They often seek approval from family and peers but do not find worth in money or power. Tigers always land on their feet and are ready for their next actions, pursuing it with vigorous energy.

Tigers are also incorrigibly competitive and can rarely pass up a challenge. They're unpredictable but never underestimate their reactions. Known to to intelligent and alert, they're always ready to deal with their problems.
Tiger time in Hanoi:

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