Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hong Kong, then Home

Hong Kong is a shopping paradise, even if you don't have sacks and sacks of cash laying around.
Bargains on electronics are a thing of the past in the modern age of Internet shopping but if you want nick-knacks, jade, or souvenirs for your aunt Bob, you'll find plenty of it in Hong Kong.
Sure there are all the glitzy fashion stores as well as a Rolex store on almost every corner but leave plenty of time for eating.

Hong Kong is one of the great eating cities in all of Asia. You'll find any kind of food to satisfy your tastes along with the best Chinese food you ever had. Much of it served round the clock.

The best dumplings you ever had.
This could be considered a fast food restaurant like so many other places serving up a quick lunch or snack. But the dumplings (boiled or pan fried) are out of this world.
The menu lists several options involving your choice of dumplings and soup, or you can order large heartier bowls of noodle soup.

Don't know what the name of the restaurant is but it's located on Jordan Road, just a few blocks west of Nathan Lane.

Another one of our favorites is a small Vietnamese restaurant called Herbs Vietnamese Restaurant. The Pho is good but try the other dishes here instead. They're all great.
Pictured above is shredded chicken with garlic chili sauce, stewed ox tail and fresh grilled beef spring rolls. Yummy!
Top it all off with a sweet bean, tapioca dessert.

Salt baked chicken

A typical Chinese deli, just like back home.

Not a typical street scene but it is Hong Kong after all.

Hong Kong is a great place to end our four months on the road. All the great food you could possibly want in one gigantic Chinatown with a western setting.

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Jonz Theroux said...

Hong Kong looks like a dream to visit. I'd love to visit China one day in the future!