Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back in Thailand

Escaping the beginnings of winter back home we arrived back in Bangkok.
For some reason, most of the flights from the California arrive close to midnight, after twenty or so hours of flight time and layovers.
We changed planes in Seoul, Korea on the flight over, where the plane was filled with predominately middle aged men on a golfing junket to Thailand. There must have been 100 golf bags at luggage collection in Bangkok.

Apparently, if you would like to "load firearms" on board an aircraft, you have to contact airline staff at check-in. Not sure what would happen to you next.

Is it Easter? Or is it Christmas?

Gone are any remnants of the violent protests earlier in the year. After years and years of almost daily protests, Bangkok seems pretty sedate. The shopping centers, even the trashed and burned Central World, were back to normal and buzzing with shoppers.

We celebrated the King's Birthday along with everyone else.
The King made a rare appearance on his 82nd birthday and everyone was pleased, not to mention glued to their televisions. Parades, marching, fireworks, there was plenty to be thankful for.

So when in Bangkok, I guess you go shopping.
We did along with everyone else.
We ended up at MBK shopping for a mobile phone. The Thais love their mobiles phones, I guess just like back home and you're nobody if you don't have one.
Luckily, they're quite inexpensive in Thailand. We paid around $25 for a nice basic phone and another couple of bucks for a Sim card. Then all you do is buy time.

So this is Thailand, where this billboard is not actually "gay". It's just Thai.

After a few days in Bangkok, we headed for the hills.

Chiang Mai is probably one of our favorite places to hang out in Thailand. The Thai and western culture are both very evident here and inseparable. Most of the city is accessible on foot or a simple songtew (taxi/truck). Yes there are tuk-tuks too.

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