Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chiangmai - what to buy?, what to buy?

Chiangmai, like most other places where tourist congregate, has night bazaars where you can indeed pickup some rather bizarre items.

Coconut animals lights. Why not.

Dog outfits, more for locals but really, who can resist? Once the temperatures get way down into the low 80s, out come the jackets. You wouldn't want your dog to freeze.

Hilltribe merchandise has become very popular with tourists, although I've never actually seen anyone actually making a purchase. We first noticed the pointy hats a couple of years ago and now they're everywhere. OK, on the head of tourists.

The night bazaar in Chiangmai is mostly for tourist. There are an abundance of tourist type items such as t-shirts, luggage, and soap carved into flowers. You don't find many locals shopping here. They can usually get the same items, if they wanted them, somewhere else cheaper. Try down around the Wararoot Market.

Chiangmai also has street markets on the weekends.
Wualai Rd, also known as Silversmith's road, on Saturdays, and Ratchadamnoen Rd., which cuts down the center of the walled city on Sundays. These have become known as the "walking street" markets, although the term crawling street might be more appropriate. The crowds during the high season are unmaneuverable and you just have to inch your way along with everyone else. Not a place for someone who is claustrophobic. But none the less, if you enjoy shopping or looking for "nick-nacks", or some little strange item to take home to friends or family, you'll certainly enjoy being out and about soaking in the people and scenery.

String lights. Yes, a shameless way to get your attention.

The weekend walking streets do have a higher percentage of locals shopping along with all the tourists, and the selection of items offered do reflect it.

OK, who doesn't need pillowcases?

So you may as well shop and buy while you're traveling to Chiangmai. Otherwise you'll regret not having bought that item you bargained so desperately for and ended up not purchasing.

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