Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eating simple in Singapore

Singapore is a great eating town and it seems you can get just about anything you want any time of the day.

Hawker stalls are organized in clusters throughout the city and are very popular for locals and tourists alike.

Alan and I love Indian food and Singapore has a very distinct "Little India" with a wide variety of Indian cuisine to choose from. Sad to say but we didn't try the Curry Fish Head Promotion (above). It does look good though and I can imagine all the tastes and flavors involved.

Masala Dosas are one of our favorites and Alan, yes, eating with his fingers (above) can never get enough of it. We came here twice in our brief four day visit this time.
Not to worry though. Sinks with soap and paper towels are located nearby for washing up before and after.

Our dear friend Casey took us to Bak Kut Teh restaurant near the downtown area. It's a local treat and very popular.

Buk Kut Teh involves pork bones boiled for hours creating a wonderfully flavored broth. You eat the meat off the bones and take as much soup as you'd like. Servers will continue to top off your soup until you tell them to stop.

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