Thursday, February 28, 2013

While we're on the subject of food...

Traveling and eating go hand in hand. If you travel, meals you've had can be some of the best or worst memories from your trip.

It's usually a lot of fun to try out the local specialties and sometimes other dishes you feel nostalgic for. Then again, if you love a certain type of cuisine, you'll find opportunities to sample the local way of preparing it.

Khao Soy is a curry based noodle soup famous in Northern Thailand, served above with the local Northern Thai sausage.

Fried Dal with Butter served with Kashmiri Nan. Almost a perfect meal. This particular one is from a restaurant in Little India, Penang.

Some of the best Satay you'll ever have. Two ladies were turing and basting the skewers constantly over the charcoal grill. This is a Malaysian version in Kuching, Sarawak on the Island of Borneo, and delicious. Served with cucumbers and an incredible warm chunky peanut sauce.

It's not always Pho in a Vietnamese restaurant and although there was Pho on the menu at this restaurant, it's not the main reason people come here. All the finger foods (above) are the big draw here and served with plenty of greens for wrapping. There are a variety of sauces for dipping and single clove garlic (eaten raw).

Here's a Chinese/Malaysian noodle dish available just about anywhere in Kuala Lumpur. Simple as boiled egg noodles, tossed in a brown sauce and topped with BBQ pork and greens.

Nyonya Cuisine is probably one few have heard of. It's a mixture of Chinese, Malaysian and Peranakan  food. Above is a typical appetizer served in little fried pastry cups. A good thing to try while in Malaysia, and particularly in Penang where we sampled it.

Also in Penang, Malaysia, we found this great outdoor restaurant serving up an eclectic array of Asian dishes. Plenty of seafood but we opted for pork ribs cooked with Guinness Stout, Gai Lan with oyster/cognac sauce, tofu with lobster sauce and watercress soup.

And finally Hainan Chicken. Chicken and Rice restaurants are everywhere in the big cities in Malaysia.
Typically served with a bowl of soup (broth) and sometimes with boiled bean sprouts.

Many locals swear by certain restaurants serving the "best" Hainan Chicken in all of Kuala Lumpur and they wouldn't eat it anywhere else. We're not as picky but there are some that serve up a mean chicken and rice dish.

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