Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kuching Sarawak on Borneo

Kuching is the Capital City of Sarawak, on the western portion of the Malaysian part of the Island of Borneo. 
It's also known as the Cat city (Kuching) and statues of cats are scattered around the main business district. There's also an extensive cat museum here.
Kuching is a good city base to venture out in search of Orangutans, or Hornbills. A trip to the Orangutan Rehabilitation Center will give you a good chance of seeing Orangutans. 

Eating on the streets of Kuching.
Eating small meals, as in many parts of Southeast Asia, is a way of life here. Covered, open air "hawker"type eating areas are all over the city.
Several vendors selling a variety of items will share a common seating area, similar to food courts we have back home.

Alan in front of City Hall, Kuching.

Kuching, like many of the large cities in Malaysia, have large Chinese communities.
Chinese Temples are scattered throughout the city.

One of the gateways leading into the main "Chinatown" area.

The Sarawak River winds through the city.

Alan in front of the Sarawak Assembly Hall.


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