Sunday, March 3, 2013

World Clown Association in Kuching

Hesitated a little before deciding to do this post on the World Clown Association's annual meeting in Kuching, Sarawak, on the Malaysian part of the Island of Borneo. 
Received some comments from a Facebook post that made me aware some people have a phobia involving clowns. Not sure where this "fear" comes from.

In any case, we happened onto the Association's weeklong meeting in town and attended their final public "show" at a local shopping mall in town. 
Not sure what goes on at a clown convention but I'm sure there were classes and seminars on things such as face painting, making balloon animals, 

150 or so clowns showed up and entertained the large crowd on hand.

There was a "Paradeability" competition and other "on stage" performances.

Clowns are entertainers and they never seem to tire of getting their pictures taken.

There was a large contingent of Clowns from Asia, but probably from the fact that traveling to Kuching for the annual meeting was less of a challenge for them. I believe the organization's roots are in the United States, and there were plenty of clowns representing the U.S., but there were clowns from Puerto Rico, New Zealand, and other countries as well.

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