Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Paris, It's still here (as we knew it would be), and yes, it's pretty much the same.

It's been a decade since we've been to Europe and what better time for a re-visit, a week after the passing of marriage equality in France.

The flight(s) over were a bit of a headache with a delay on the first leg and probably the worst meal on an international flight we've ever had.

We're staying in the 3rd arrondissement for the first time since all of our favorites in the 5th and 6th are now well over $400.00 a night. The Hotel Du Haut Marais is a great find on the northern border of the Marais. We were well taken care of by Didier and Marc in their renovated B&B. Keep it in mind on your next trip to Paris.

It's cool and a bit damp in Paris. Unusual for this time of year but it's not stopping us from doing what we need to do here.

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